Zendesk Support Apps

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Follower View

Adds a custom view which displays Followed, CC'd or Assigned tickets.

This application adds a shortcut to the left navigation bar of your Support interface. . Clicking this button opens a brand new view that gives the agent quick access to all their followed, ccd or assigned tickets.

The views include status, last update date, subject and requester information.

Clicking any ticket in the view opens it in new tab in the Support interface.


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Satisfaction Score

Show recent ticket ratings of the current requester in the apps sidebar.

The Satisfaction Score app shows a customer's satisfaction score right next to an open ticket. It calculates a percentage based on all feedback given (or optionally recent feedback of the last month) and lists the 5 most recent tickets with a clear good/bad indicator.

This way your agents can immediately see how this customer experienced your customer care in the past and maybe adjust their response accordingly.

If your agents need more info they can open any recent ticket with a single click in a new tab.


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Newsfeed for Guide

Keep your agents up to date by showing recent Help Center articles next to their tickets.

The Newsfeed app shows the 5 most recent articles of your Help Center right next to any ticket, and highlights articles updated or created today.

That way, no matter which ticket your agents are handling, they will see up to date information right inside of Zendesk Support.


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WeTransfer Upload Link

Generate an upload link for WeTransfer.

This application adds a button to the sidebar of the Zendesk ticket interface. When clicked, it'll open up WeTransfer in a new window, with the recipient's e-mail address prefilled with the requester of your ticket. Optionally it also adds any cc or follower to the recipient list. You can also add a custom message.


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