widget.guide is written out of love for the Zendesk Support Widget because I feel it's one of the best examples on how to do an omni-channel approach without any friction.

This website and the app are coded by Thomas Verschoren.
I'm CTO at Premium Plus, a Belgian Zendesk Master Implementation Partner.

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Zendesk Affiliation

Zendesk Affiliation Zendesk and all related brands are a trademark or registered trademark of Zendesk, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. widget.guide is not affiliated with Zendesk, Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Rights and Limitations

widget.guide is offered 'as is' without any guarantee on functionality nor compatibility with future API changes. We offer this to make the implementation of the widget easier, but are not liable for any broken workflows, website errors or loss of customer contacts due to usage of the code we provide.

If you discover any problems or bugs with this tool, please contact me via e-mail or @tverschoren on Twitter.


widget.guide does not store any of the data you enter in the tool.


We don't store or log your widget key.



We don't store or log your configuration.



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